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Over the last several days, I've noticed my middle thickening considerably. I blame high levels of stress and workload and Breanna breaking up with me in April ... okay, not really the last one, but it did make me highly cognizant of my disposition towards "comfort eating", which I proceeded to do anyway because it was pretty hard to care about such things at the time. It has translated to me sweating a lot more and my dad asking me how much I weighed in that tone that says "You're getting fat and need to stop eating junk" that I've heard on occasion for the better part of fourteen years, even when I was fencing and playing soccer at De Anza. That subject leads to one that could be covered at another time.

I realized that I might be lulling myself into a false sense of security in some respects, because despite being horribly enough out of shape that someone might predict an early death for me even before they learn of my bad habits, I'm in the best shape or at least in the upper ranges of best among some of my circles of friends. It isn't a sad thing by far, but it does make me wonder sometimes.

There are a number of factors at play here. Out of everybody I know, I have by far the worst diet overall, as I subsist for long periods of time on Red Robin food and other fast food places. I drink far more soda than everyone I know, and I actively exercise very little. While I'm also the young one in some circles, I'm among the oldest in most of them, and my body is among the more broken down from my lack of care.

So how in the heck am I in better shape?

Rob and Steve's theory is the most popular: I work a job that requires me to spend the majority of my time on my feet and highly mobile, which also requires a bit of modest lifting. Compared to a typical office or retail drone, it would stand to reason that I would be in better condition.

A former coworker who actually said I was pretty athletic also had a theory when we discussed this once: I've always had a deceptively athletic background despite my appearance, as I was plenty active in P.E. classes, took tae kwon do for four years, was active in marching band, and spent most of my time at De Anza fencing and playing soccer. So even though by the time we had that discussion I had been doing little but waiting tables for three years, I hadn't completely lost my disposition to being active.

The boyfriend of another former coworker also made a pretty decent point, or so I was told by the former coworker above, who was her best friend: he used to be a decent athlete in high school (not really good enough to play even at the junior college level, but certainly better than I ever could have been at the time), but spent most of college drinking and partying, so he couldn't do any of that anymore. The boyfriend remarked that since I never did any of that (at the time, he was plenty surprised to see me at the pub with a glass of Blue Moon one night last year) I had probably not let myself go as much as he did, so it would be a matter of relearning.

Yet another former coworker had this to add: The Scorpio side of me (since I'm on the cusp) makes me naturally intense, so even the mundane things are attacked with speed and ferocity (the latter half of the sentence being my words, not hers).

I don't really have a theory of my own on this, as I've never seen myself to be in good shape, let alone better than even one person I know. Sure, I know intellectually that I would be in better shape than the one guy I used to know who spent all his days drinking, doing hard drugs, playing MMOs, or all three at once. That doesn't equate to being in good shape as much as it equates to being in better shape than someone with worse habits than me. 

This makes me think of another topic for another time, but right now I wonder ... does the fact that, despite the bad habits mentioned above, I can generally sort of hang with people in decent shape mean I'm in decent shape or somewhere near there myself? Or is that really just some level of talent and experience making up for the fact that I'm in really poor shape? I should probably stop rambing at this hour.
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