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 Well, even though it's not a repost, I am going to borrow a couple of things from my most recent post at The Hundredaire Socialite. First, even though I'm intentionally late to the party, Happy New Year!

Second, I've decided to work blogging back into my daily routine. I know from being a NaBloPoMo winner that I'm at least somewhat capable of it, so there's no real reason outside of epic laziness that I shouldn't be able to do so. Part of what sidelined my blogging (and my Facebooking and Tweeting for that matter) was getting accustomed to some of the radical changes - at least, for me - in my life. Specifically, getting used to having a girlfriend and going out more than just on a rare occasion. Well, it's been a few months, and now I think I've settled into a groove. Not only that, I may actually have stuff to write about that isn't just the usual "life sucks" or even the new usual "life is good"

This isn't a New Year's resolution, mind you. I've been debating this for a while now, and I don't really believe in making New Year's resolutions anyway. Not saying it's a bad concept, but like piercings and tattoos, I like them but they're not something I do. So I am not under any self-inflicted impetus to actually do what I'm saying here. I figure those that know me and love me wouldn't be upset if I disappeared off the blogosphere because they know how to find me elsewhere. Those that don't ... probably don't give a crap anyway.

Anyhow, the way the blog schedule currently looks is that Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday will be for The Hundredaire Socialite. My personal blogging will be done on Tuesday or Thursday, and Sunday. I basically have no intention of blogging more than five days a week, and I'd put even money on myself only making it three or four before long.

I am, after all, a pretty lazy human being, all things considered.
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