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(The following entry was cross-posted from The Hundredaire Socialite)

Tonight (or rather, Tuesday night) was the second time I've worked a closing shift at work in a long time. Alone it's a non sequitur, but in this case it provides some background.
The other closer was Robert, the lead trainer, one of my favorite people to work with and someone I haven't had much of a chance to talk with lately because of differing schedules and both of us going out to do stuff on occasion. So we'd gotten to talking afterwards about a few things. Eventually we were joined by Bryan, the newly-minted kitchen trainer, who is rapidly moving into the former category, and we all decided to go to the pub and grab a couple of beers (or in the case of the lead trainer, a Tequila Sunrise which was pretty yum). I'm noting this mainly to remind myself that it is something I should do more often.
Anyhow, something that came up early in the night was our increasingly busy schedules. The holiday upsurge in business was coupled with some new things for us, such as Bryan's recent promotion. Robert has a couple of out-of-town engagements and a buddy coming back from boot camp, and my own newness has been somewhat documented here since last month and is still going very strong. Robert said he was thinking of getting a day planner to help him keep up with things, and it had gotten me to thinking.
In the past, I eschewed this for two reasons. First, because my memory tends to be extremely good. Second, because in the past I never did anything with any frequency that mandated keeping a day planner except for work, which was adequately covered by the first reason. To put it in some perspective, on Saturday I went to the Dickens Fair with Breanna, went home to rest because I slept poorly the night before, put in a short appearance at a birthday dinner party for a friend of a friend from De Anza, went to yet another birthday party for one of the Haunters to actually get to socialize with a few of them that I haven't seen or talked to since June, then to Rocky Horror with the Bawdy Caste, which led to sleeping through the San Jose Holiday Parade (sorry about that, Holly :( ).
That weekend saw more socializing on my part than I probably did in the entirety of at least one of the last two years or so. If you crossed out outings with Rob, Katie, and Steve, than it probably tops the last five years combined.
Case in point: maybe I need a day planner now. After all, I don't just have my job anymore. I have many friends to go out with and many outings to plan or participate in. I have a part-time business, complete with presentations, conference calls, leadership training, and even an international training event (where I will be spending -this- weekend). 2011 will see me joining up with the Bawdy Caste, making another appearance at FanimeCon, possibly making trips to Disneyland and the San Diego ComicCon, perhaps even being part of Halloween Haunt 2011. Ergo, the Hundredaire Socialite won't just be out on the town, he'll potentially be out in force!
So here are my questions, finally: Do any of you keep day planners? Do they help you keep organized? Do you stick with cheap ones or get the professional-looking ones? Where can you get quality ones for cheap, since Robert and I could both benefit from that information?
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