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In what's becoming a tradition, the original plan for this post has changed. Originally I was going to make some long, semi-philosophical post about the project's effects on me, but instead I'm going to demonstrate them by doing two things (other than the Countdown to FanimeCon) I never would have entertained before the project.

1) Treat my dad to dinner for his birthday (today)
2) Ask my girlfriend out for tomorrow (okay, not so new, but still not something I've done all that much before)

Last night I was wondering what was causing me to feel so confident lately, and I've decided that it was pretty much everything. Looking back over all the entries I've made over the month, I do feel somewhat accomplished that I kept my commitment of a post each day, and can call myself a National Blog Posting Month "winner". A quick check of my LiveJournal archive tells me some interesting facts:

1) This is the first time I've ever had a post in every day of the month.
2) This is only the second time I've ever had an monthly average of one post a day. December 2004 was the first, but that was a crappy month capped off by having to put one of my cats down, so forget it.
3) There are almost as many posts on this blog for the month of November than I've made in the entirety of 2006 and 2007.
4) There are exactly as many posts on this blog for the month of November as I've made in the entirety of 2009.

Sure, the material was pretty crappy most of the time, but even the best anime series have filler arcs, and NaBloPoMo doesn't grade solely on quality. I would like to improve it ... but that will come over another time.

However, there's no way I would have had the gunyanos (or the insanity) to attempt this in the first place if it weren't for the confidence gained from the various sources over the last fifteen months or so. So instead of dropping some philosophy, I'm going to make this a big shout out to everyone who has influenced me more or less for the better in that time frame, in no particular order. If this victory comes with prizes or any other sort of awesomeness, these people are the ones who helped me make it happen.

(This entry was [obviously] crossposted from The Hundredaire Socialite)

Come now, you know I had to throw in some music, right?

- First and foremost, shout out to Steve Tavares and Rob and Katie Redman-Corbin. No surprise, they're my closest friends, and without them I probably wouldn't have met a vast majority of the people who will end up on this list. Hard to believe it's been seven years. I always used to think one was lucky to have a really good friend for a few years, so having three for several means I'm either lucky or all set to star in a sitcom or popular teen movie.

- To Holly Winn, probably quite literally the first person I met and bonded with in 2010, for first putting up with my clumsy attempts to be cool and gentlemanly, and later for being an inspiration to me just by being the driving force that she naturally is.

- To Amanda Dalton, someone I've been honored to call wingwoman, inspiration and spiritual advisor, but am even more honored to call friend and business partner.

- To Heather Haft, simply for being one of the most awesome people I've ever gotten to know, who without fail, can provide much-needed perspective and butt-kicking when I need it.

- To Charlene Schmidt, for being all kinds of things, such as a great conversationalist, cute distraction, great date, awesome hugger and cuddler, and wonderful source of encouragement. But above all, for always being a loving and caring friend at a time I really needed one, even when I didn't think I did.

- To Kellen Hughes, for being much of the same even though we've fallen out of touch lately. However, part of that is because she's found the great guy that she really deserves, and we have both had enough bad experiences in common that I wouldn't blame or begrudge her for falling off the face of the earth entirely, as long as she was happy doing so.

- To my wonderful girlfriend Breanna Palermo for ... well, that should be blatantly obvious. It's not? Well, then to my wonderful girlfriend for being a wonderful girlfriend, the ways of which are too numerous to mention and would probably induce a diabetic coma in Steve (sorry, I had to =P)

- To my wonderful girlfriend's wonderful housemates, Kelly and Richard Davidson, for being cool with me being there, being awesome to hang out with, and being approving of our relationship. No, I'm not just saying that because she told me that if you guys didn't like me it would be a dealbreaker, I'm genuinely grateful that you guys seem to like me okay.

- To the crew and friends of Halloween Haunt for being such a blast to party with, and particularly Shadow and Whitney Smith for having me in their home for said parties. Some awesome memories have been made there, and barring some catastrophic turn of events, hopefully next year will see me be one of you instead of simply being Steve and the Redman-Corbins' running buddy =P

- To the absolutely awesome men and women of the Bawdy Caste for not only putting on a damn good Rocky Horror Picture Show, not only for being absolutely awesome, and not only not minding me basically being attached to Bree ... but liking it. Perhaps once the holiday season and my present weekend commitments wind down a bit, I'll be joining your ranks.

- To my awesome co-workers, all of whom should know who they are even if I didn't link as such on Facebook and tell them to come here because they were awesome.

- Last but not least, to all of my good friends, online or otherwise, who were not mentioned above. The ones mentioned above have said or done things that directly inspired this blog, but all of you have said or done things that did something just as important: made me smile, preserve my sanity, kick my butt, give me advice and/or inspiration, or just simply enriching and giving value to my life beyond simply going to work and paying bills and such.

Here's to all of you. Future of the blog ... maybe Thursday. I have a date tomorrow, after all ;)
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