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Before I begin this entry, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate(d) it. There are a great many things I'm thankful for, which is no surprise as this has quite possibly been the best year of my life. Not the happiest, and not the most prosperous, but sort of a happy mix between the two. Because my mom is working tonight (CNAs don't automatically get the holidays off, and she took about a month off a while ago to visit family), we had no Thanksgiving dinner today, but it's perfectly okay. Semi-tempted to go see if the King Eggroll is open right now, but I probably should let them be since my own restaurant is closed right now.

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Anyhow, back on topic. The music bug is biting again, as I implied last week and again two nights ago. Not exactly certain why, but it happens from time to time. I think one factor that can't be ignored was the one I pointed out last night. Since I'm going to cross-post this entry to my personal blog as opposed to just direct-linking it, I'll explain for those who might not know: I had a pseudo-resolution after Fanime, which was to be back in "performance shape" by next year's con in case I either a) lost my mind, b) wanted to build courage, or c) had someone to impress, and decided to do karaoke or some other form of entertainment that would possibly necessitate going up on stage and making a fool of myself. By "performance shape," I don't mean preparing for beach season (though there is some physical conditioning involved, I wager), but getting back into the practice of performance enough that I actually look and sound at least somewhat like I've done it for the ten years I've spent doing school plays and musicals, band (marching, jazz, and concert), and vocal ensembles.

Or, at the very least, like I could have played a metric ton of Rock Band. I'll settle for that, since the number of times I've played Rock Band still hasn't hit double digits. Even if you count me singing along with Youtube videos.

Now, I know from the last time I went to karaoke at Fanime that "Still Alive" is to that what "Stairway to Heaven" was to guitar shops at least at one point. In other words, banned. A minor shame, since I actually know the song somewhat and have a few friends who absolutely love it, but I guess I can understand it. Since "the cake is a lie" is a meme that I've grown to hate recently because of a combination of overuse and lack of originality in use, I can only guess just how many people might have tried to go up on stage to sing "Still Alive" at one point.

This brings me to my present thought process. There are a few songs that, if I were able to do well, I'd absolutely love to go on stage to perform. Last night's musical selection, "The USS Make Shit Up" by Voltaire is one, though that would be better suited to Baycon's audience than Fanime's. One of the songs I'm thinking of is actually a ten-minute medley that I doubt I'd even be physically capable of, not to mention that I know Yukie Dong already did it a couple years ago better than I probably ever could anyway. Though I believe that was at Anime Expo and not Fanime, so hmmm ... The other two, though, I haven't seen attempted much, though I could be wrong. Even so, by 2011 they'll have been around for three years, so it's likely I'd just be another in a long line of poseurs if I tried it.

So I ask the following of anyone who is more of a veteran of cons (and Fanime specifically) than I am:
1) Are either of these songs blacklisted?
2) If not, have people been attempting them?
3) If I wanted to make a more positive impact, would it be better to pick a song that, at the very least, is newer and more familiar to some or hasn't been attempted as much? Basically, a song that hasn't hit its current shelf life.
3a) If that's the case, any suggestions, because I'm totally out of the loop here.

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