Nov. 5th, 2010

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"Playing games at the amusement park to win something nice for your girlfriend? That's money well spent. Going to the amusement park with your girlfriend in the first place, for a special event your friends have been wanting you to go to for a while, and meeting up with said friends? If you don't think -that's- money well spent, then you have problems. Going to a restaurant alone and semi-brooding? Other than the good food, you should be able to do that at home. I did, and I felt no need to try and talk myself into going for its own sake. Which in itself, is another rule or two.

1. Money has no power over a Hundredaire Socialite.
2. A Hundredaire Socialite always spends responsibly.

Another reason for not being compelled to spend money? I knew this particular event was coming up, so I wasn't under pressure to begin operations immediately."

The following direct-linked field report is brought to you in part by Amanda Dalton, Jennafer Lavelle, Breanna Palermo, and the crew of California's Great America Halloween Haunt 2010. I'm also remiss in pointing out that the previous two filler entries were brought to you in part by Steven Tavares.

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